Make Art Not War - OBEY

Make Art Not War - OBEY

To represent peace in the world, several symbols stood out. Whether it is people who have become ambassadors for peace like Prem Rawat, quotes from world famous peace like "Peace is Possible" by Prem Rawat, or works of art like "Make Art Not War" by OBEY.

Make Art Not War is one of the most popular works created by artist Shepard Fairey. Creator of the Obey Giant brand, he is a committed artist, who does not hesitate to convey these ideas through these works.

A work aspiring to peace

A face in the center that fixes you deep in your soul for an unambiguous message "Make Art not War". The image and the text are strong in meaning, Shepard advocates art, creation, dialogue in war, violence through this work. The colors used are red and black, bright, provocative colors. They are used in most of his creations, it's like the artist's trademark.

The drawings are easily identifiable and represent a symbol corresponding to the slogan, for connoisseurs the brushes representing "art", the face of the woman representing "reason", Red and Black represent "war", the color beige brings softness to the painting as well as the crown of flowers, symbol of "peace", the circle could be assimilated to the earth.

A powerful message

"Make Art not War" has become a message of peace known throughout the world of art thanks to this work alone. The slogan is so meaningful, and well highlighted typographically: visual mirror effect. He is easily understood and we remember him very quickly. Even today, it is one of the most famous peace slogans around the world and can be read on graffiti like on t-shirts or even mugs.

Some peace associations regularly use the slogan in their daily lives to raise awareness and educate. Indeed, several art teachers use this work today to teach apprentices to get a message across through their works. And especially since this work comes from the street it has a lot of impact with young people.

About the artist

Frank Shepard Fairey better known as Shepard Fairey is an American artist, screen printer, muralist and illustrator. He made himself known by the stickers André the Giant Has a Posse, which gave the Obey Giant campaign. His effort became world famous during the 2008 US presidential campaign, with the creation of the poster "HOPE" by Barack Obama which will become an icon of the campaign. The Boston Institute of Contemporary Art considers him one of the best known, best and most influential street art artists of the moment.

In France, Fairey is first exhibited at the Base, the ephemeral gallery of Invader where he presents small portraits of coagulated guerrillas and several times at the Galerie Magda Danysz who very early defended his work in the gallery. He participates in the M.U.R. in May 2007 during a play with WK interact. One of his reconstructions of posters was exhibited at the Cartier Foundation during the NĂ© dans la rue - Graffiti exhibition, in the fall of 2009.