Make love, not war by David Allyn

Make love, not war by David Allyn

"Make love, not war because condoms are less expensive than nuclear bombs." This is one of the derivatives of the expression that David Allyn used to entitle his book. As much as we advance in time, sex is always in revolution; and that's the aim of this book.

What is the book talking about?

It's common knowledge that sex is a subject that some countries don't discuss about. The good news is that there are books talking about it, and one of them is written by David Allyn, entitled: "Make love, not war; The Sexual Revolution; An Unfettered History."

A taboo subject

Before 1960s, talking about sex was forbidden, not by the law but society's values didn't allow it. It was the "controversial theme" when it takes to discuss about that. Actually, no one didn't like to talk about sex in public.

The revolutionary subject

However, in 1960s, the United States began to talk about sex revolution. It didn't happen with magic but many controversial subjects found their ends, such as racism, discrimination, etc. This period is called the sexual revolution time. This book made a revolution in the country because many questions on the matter have been raised, especially the women's way to be emancipated about sex revolution.

Not only does this revolution liberate talking about sex without difficulties in public but also released speech about many subjects.

A social change

From that time on, people have started to talk freely about sex, but not only that. All the controversial subjects were at work. The moment when the book was distributed and published was a crucial moment for the change of social norms. No one could foresee this. From there began to be initiated films which were not common: "erotic films". It started with "Blue Movie" which talked about sex freely and was one of the first erotic films allowed to air at the end of the 1960s.

However, despite the criticism, it boosted its fame and even propelled the erotic world on TV.

A famous slogan

After the book was published, the slogan was taken as a slogan from anti-war. It began to the War opposing Vietnam and the Occidental countries. This was the beginning but it was used and still used in the context where war is not useful and love is worthy. This slogan was printed and published during the war against Vietnam.

All the activists were convinced that war is not important to manage conflicts. Actually, it has its meaning in a good way because war doesn't bring peace but even destroys it. There is no place where conflict doesn't exist. However, it's the turn for those who are involved in making the decision if they are tempted to make war or discuss calmly and get peace after.

"Make love not war" is a famous expression, not only to call for stopping war but also it's a call for spreading peace. It is because absence of war is not necessarily the presence of peace but it is its advent. As Prem Rawat said, peace begins in individual way but can be spread with others.

Prem Rawat is an ambassador of peace who devoted his life to give everyone the chance and the opportunity to get peace from what and where he/ she lives. He is an admirable user of it slogan “Make love, not war” and he doesn't use it only to talk about sex revolution but social revolution brought and made with peace.